What is a Table Shower by Homemarttx?

As the name suggests, a Table shower by homemarttx simply describes a situation where clients lie down on modified tables. They are then showered with water draining from more than five showerheads attached to a water pipe. A typical table shower involves being showered with huge amounts of water, pouring at an estimated speed of 13 gallons per minute.

With the client’s direction, the masseuse may move the water bar and direct the water streams to specific parts of the body. For a better experience, the therapist may opt for handheld showerheads, adjust the water temperature, water pattern of movements, and more options. However, a standard or ideal therapy involves an entire body water massage, which is achieved by adjusting the position of water jets.

Massage experts recommend that clients consider a table shower after undergoing a normal body scrub. In most cases, salons and spas combine this therapy with manual massage to give clients holistic pleasure. In some Asian countries, this table shower involves sexual massage.

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